India-Bangladesh border management

India- Bangladesh border management

by Swadesh Roy

( May 10, 2012, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Bangladesh shares land boundary with two countries; one is India and another is Myanmar. In 4289km land boundary of Bangladesh, Bangladesh shares only 193 km with Myanmar; another 4096 km boundary is shared with India. It is one of the longest borders between two countries. It is the 3rd longest border between two countries. The longest border between two countries is between Kazakhstan and Russia; it is 6846km. On the other hand the border between United States and Canada is 8893km. So it is clear that, border between Bangladesh and India is a very long border. Bangladesh shares border with five states of India. Including these five states Indian state West Bengal shares half of the total border. Bangladesh and West Bengal share 2217km border. Continue reading “India-Bangladesh border management”