Govt. driven terrorism ravishing human rights in Bangladesh

Law and Order in Bangladesh is breaking down as Government driven terrorism ravishing human rights here.  State minister for Home Affairs Shanmsul Haque Tuku ordered law enforcing agencies especially RAB (elite force), Police to launch combing operation to kick out activist of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrshibir on Thursday, 11 February 2010, after a special meeting with heads of the law enforcement agencies at the home ministry with Sahara Khatun, Home Minister in the Chair.  Hundreds of Jamaat and Shibir activist along with passerby and general students were trapped to Jail. Hundreds of messes of Shibir near universities and colleges around the country were netted to arrest students and gunned down to death a Shibir leader in Chapainawabganj district by the police.  Chhatra League activist also flamed computers, books etc in various universities.

The law and order broken down as the armed knaves of Chhatra League, the student wing of ruling party with the help of Bangladesh police forcefully taken over seats at a hall of Rajshahi University which was allotted for the students of Shibir and clashed with them. One student of Rajshahi University was killed and many injured over the clashes.  Bangladesh Awami League deployed armed forces and Chhatra Leagu knaves to eliminate Jamaat-Shibir as they were suspected to be the war criminals of Liberation War of 1971 against Pakistan.

The opposition party Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh is a moderate Islamic organization which motivating people to the Islamic ideology in the country in democratic way.  But the government is blaming them to be fundamentalist and determining to censor all the religious political parties in Bangladesh. To resolve the issue government ordered the law enforcing agencies and its student wing to eliminate Jammt-Shibir forever which concerned all the peace loving people in Bangladesh.

Chhatra League established horrifying regime at all the educational institutions and controlling admission trade, “tender-grabbing” and seat politics since the last general election.  Chhatra League (BCL) and Jubo League snatches tender schedule from agencies/contactors each and every day which brings clashes and campus violence. Abu Bakar, a student of Dhaka University was beaten to death by Chhatra League on 3 February. They also hacked Mahiuddin, a Chittagong University political science student, to death at the Sholoshahar rail station on 10 February. Haji Ahmed Hossain, ward commissioner of Dhaka City Corporation and Leader of Opposition party BNP, was gunned down in Bangshal, Old Dhaka, on 8 February night. Another senior pro-government student activist shot and killed yesterday by Awami League.

Surprisingly government is not taking any initiative to control its student wing, but they are assisting Chhata league to control all the universities and educational institutions and forcing enforcing agencies to ensure evacuation of all the messes of Shibir around the country. The students of Shibir are known as the most meritorious and religious and are well organized in famous universities and colleges.  To take control over the institutions from Shibir, Chhatra leage is engaging in killing mission in campuses. Peace loving Bangladeshis want immediate ending of govt driven brutality and terrorism on opposition parties.

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