Skype Scandal: Audio Summary

1. Judge Nasim designs Prosecution witness testimony to fit into his pre-prepared judgment

In this conversation, Nizamul Hoque Nasim discusses how he is essentially calling up witnesses for the prosecution. After witness Sultana Kamal’s deposition in the Golam Azam case, he confides in activist Ahmed Ziauddin and praises Kamal’s cross-examination as ‘fist class’. As a result, he says there is no need for another planned witness: “Nothing more is required. We now only need seizure list witnesses”. Nasim and Ziauddin also discuss the framework of another witness, retired General Shafiullah. They agree that particular testimony he will give will “help us in our judgment write-up.”

2. Judge colludes with Prosecution

In this conversation between activist Ahmed Ziauddin and Nizamul Hoque Nasim, Nasim is directing the Prosecution on what further points and whether further witnesses are needed before he takes judicial notice. Nasim confirms Ziauddin’s conversation with the Prosecution: “I said (to them that) the major concern of Nasim is that if the parts of those stories should come from the witnesses, they can easily fit in those. “

The conversation also tells us how Ahmed Ziauddin is behind activist group the International Crimes Strategy Forum, and how he is utilised by the Judge, the Prosecution and the State for a common stance at the Tribunal.

3. Arbitrary dismissal of defence petition

In this conversation, Nizamul Hoque Nasim tells activist Ahmed Ziauddin that he will dismiss a defence petition. Ahmed Ziauddin then asks whether he read the petition, Nasim confirms that he has not yet, but will read it tomorrow and then dismiss it.

4. Government directs Tribunal for a speedy verdict

Tribunal Chair Nizamul Hoque Nasim relates to activist Ahmed Ziauddin how he has been liaising with the Law Minister in relation to the order in which judgments are to be passed. Forget about the passage of justice, its all about choreography. So the two agree that Tribunal-1 should pass a judgment before Tribunal-2.

5. Tribunal Chair prefer Yes-men over impartial judges

In this conversation, Tribunal Chair Nizamul Hoque Nasim reveals to activist Ahmed Ziauddin that he prefers his colleague judges to be compliant yes-men. When discussing the appointment of Tribunal member Jahangir Hossain, Nasim reveals that Hossain has has been directed to agree with whatever Nasim says. Nasim and Ahmed Ziauddin discuss how Jahangir Hossain should give full support to Nasim in public and private during critical times.

6.Judge Zaheer was forced to resign, not for medical reasons

Judge A.K.M. Zaheer Ahmed resigned a few months as a Tribunal judge, publicly citing medical reasons. Yet, in this conversation, Tribual Chair Nasim informs activist Ahmed Ziauddin that Judge Zaheer Ahmed has been removed at the behest of the Law Minister. Nasim also informs Ahmed Ziauddin that the Law Minister had summoned Judge A.K.M. Zaheer Ahmed and asked him to resign and that he would be offered a post in the Law Commission upon his resignation.

b. Nasim informs Ahmed Ziauddin that he has advised Judge A.K.M Zaheer Ahmed to tell everyone that his resignation was on medical grounds.

7.A politicised judiciary

The conversation here between activist Ahmed Ziauddin and Judge Nizamul Hoque Nasim reveals the highly politicised nature of Bangladesh’s judiciary: one that is increasingly reflecting the tense factions within the country’s coalition government. Nasim reveals how fellow Tribunal Jahangir Hossain has been appointed as a Tribunal-1 Member through the lobbying of the Kamrul Islam, the State Minister for Law. There is a discussion between Nasim and Ahmed Ziauddin stating that Jahangir Hossain is corrupt. Nasim refers to Jahangir as an Awami League supporter. There is also a discussion between Nasim and Ahmed Ziauddin that Jahangir will not disagree with Nasim because he is corrupt (and therefore morally weak).

8. Judgments dictated by activist and partisan, Ahmed Ziauddin

While the cases are still well underway, and before witnesses are called, Ahmed Ziauddin discusses with Tribunal Chair Ahmed Ziauddin the structure of the final judgment in the case of Delwar Hossain Sayedee ( ICT BD Case No.1 of 2011). He reveals he has been helped by fellow activist Rayhan Rashid which shows the conviction of Delwar Hossian Sayedee even before arguments from either side have commenced.

Ahmed Ziauddin tells Nasim that he and Rayhan will prepare a sketch judgment for Nasim, giving a whole outline from their, activist partisan angle. /span>

9. Hangings Means Prizes: Nasim is told to pass a quick verdict and get a promotion

Tribunal Chair Nizamul Hoque Nasim shares with activist Ahmed Ziauddin details of a conversation with Justice SK Sinha of the Appellate Division. Sinha tells Nasim that if he delivers three judgments (in the cases of Professor Ghulam Azam, Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee and Salauddin Quader Chowdhury) by December 2012, he will be elevated to the Appellate Division. Nasim is seeking promotion (elevation) to the Appellate Division.

10.Planting loyal activist to keep an eye on un-compliant judges

In this conversation, Nizamul Hoque Nasim Nasim expresses his dissatisfaction with Tribunal-2, especially with Judge Shahin. Ziauddin. Nasim and activist Ahmed Ziauddin are particularly unhappy because his fixation (in their view) with international law. They agree that an activist from the International Crimes Strategy Form (set-up by Ziauddin), who had recently joined the tribunal, should work with Tribunal-2 to keep them appraised of proceedings. Ziauddin further states that if Judge Shahin does not listen to them, he will have to be removed like Judge Zaheer.

11.Ahmed Ziauddin and Nizamul Hoque get their man as Home Minister

In this conversation, activist Ahmed Ziauddin and Nizamul Hoque Nasim discuss the appointment of a new Home Minister who turns out to be the contact-man for the Tribunal and a choice for the activist and partisan International Crimes Strategy Forum, set up by Ziauddin. He also says that the newly appointed Information Minister should be used for propagating in favour of war crimes trial. He further condemns the leaders and lawyers of Awami League and termed them as worthless. He expressed his satisfaction for the changes occurring in the government in his favour.

12.Tribunal Chairman wants to deliver quick judgment even if that results in a one sided trial.

a. Nasim tells Ziauddin that if the defence boycott the tribunal, it is better because tribunal then can pass the verdict sooner.

13.Sheikh Hasina’s character is ‘Falling upon someone’s feet’ if it requires:

Ziauddin tells Nasim that it is the character of Sheikh Hasina and Chatra League that when they are in need, they will fall upon your feet. Nasim replies that this is the character of Awami League that they always forget the past.

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